About Me – About Life

Cactus flower in my parents back yard

I must have accidentally posted this in the early days of trying to post anything on word press. I didn’t realize it had been posted.

Is this my About Me page?

About me – 52 years young, four grown adult children, two adorable granddaughters. Passionate about life and human rights. Deeply affected by all the sadness in the world. I don’t know how people can hurt others, in the name of religion or belief. Like everybody else in the world at the moment, I am sad, upset and in disbelief that events around the world are rapidly declining to the point where we are all feeling unsafe and unsure about our own safety.

The author at Geelong Waterfront

29/01/2016 Now that I have been on the word press site for a while I am learning to move around within my own site. I still struggle to find things, like the comments that other people have left on my articles. I enjoy writing. This is one of my web sites. I like to express myself and share my ideas and my home town and country with the world.

29/01/2016 What do I like to do? I like writing. I enjoy reading. I like to take photographs – with sunsets and sunrises being my favourite types of photographs. I would like to take more landscape, animal and bird photographs. I like going to the beach and I can swim okay but I don’t often swim at the beach. I am more of a river swimmer. I learned how to swim in a waterhole (dam). I like spending time with friends and family. I like meeting new people. I like having a barbecue or picnic in the bush or at the beach. I also enjoy going out for meals. And I really enjoy going out to the movies.

29/01/2016 So I did find my way back here. I think that this is my bio. Or is it just another page that I have written? I am not knowledgeable enough about word press to answer that question yet.

Sunrise outside my front door

I’ll come back to this page. I am still learning my way around and it will probably take me a while to find my way back here.


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