The Birthday

Holding shot glasses

Christmas Day is the birth of Jesus Christ. We celebrate Christmas more as a commercial holiday these days. I have four days to shop before Christmas and I have only just thought about what to buy. I think I will venture over to my local shopping centre today, after the weather cools a bit.

This is me and my daughter

Speaking of birthdays, it is my birthday in two days, December 22nd, and I am going out for tea tonight – Sunday 20th December – to celebrate. I often have a messed up birthday, being so close to Christmas. This year I organized it and planned it myself and I have about 10 to 12 people coming to attend my birthday tea.

Sunny Day in Geelong

Christmas is a really bad time of the year to celebrate a birthday. Everybody is always really busy, doing last minute shopping, having pre-Christmas celebrations, off on holidays. So sometimes my birthday ends up being a very quiet affair.

Out with friends

I have to work tomorrow so I won’t be playing up. I am also driving my daughter and granddaughter to the hotel, where we are going for tea. So I will only have a drink or two and then drive home and hopefully get to bed early, in preparation for work tomorrow. In honour of my birthday I thought I would share a few photos of myself with the Word Press world. So here I am.

Cassie McQueen

Does anybody else have a Christmas birthday? My brother’s birthday is December 24th. He was born two years before me. What a bad time of the year for a birthday. At least we get to share it with Jesus Christ.

At the pub

For all the December babies out there, happy birthday! For everybody else, Merry Christmas. And here’s to a great New Year in 2016.

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