Goal Setting, Blog Goal Setting

20151213_201806 My goal for 2016 is to make a living from blogging! If I could earn a good income from my blogging I could give up my current full time job, to stay at home and pound the keyboard to make a living.

I have only been on Word Press for a short time, and I have started to make friends on this site. I enjoy the interaction and supportive comments from other bloggers. So I guess another goal would be to continue to communicate with my blogging friends and to not neglect them.

I joined Blogging 101 and didn’t do a whole lot of the set activities as I was busy elsewhere in my life. I would like to prioritise my life and make writing a higher priority.

Oh and I saw that somebody posted they wanted 300 followers. I would be happy with 50 people following my blogs. There you go, a few goals for my blogging web site.


4 thoughts on “Goal Setting, Blog Goal Setting

    1. Hi Kerry I would love to have 50 followers. I am slowly starting to meet people here on Word press. I started to do the bloggging 101 course. This opened up the door for making a few friends. I joined late into the course so I did miss out on a lot of interaction. I Have made friends and met some lovely people on here already. Nice to make your acquaintance.


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