Christmas Tree, the Christmas Tree is …

When the Christmas lights and Christmas trees start to appear in shop windows, at homes, at work, you know that Christmas is not far away.

I love Christmas and I enjoy a lot of the festivities around Christmas. I think that Christmas is not complete without a lovely Christmas tree decorating homes.

This year my daughter and I pulled out our Christmas tree. We had the tree but not the legs. “Oh well” said I “I’ll go and buy another one.” So we threw away our Christmas tree and then I headed to Kmart to buy another one. I bought a tree for $49.00 and bought it home so that Misty and Jazmin could decorate it. It looks very pretty.

mxastree2Our Christmas tree at home

The Christmas Tree is one of the nicest things about Christmas.

My other daughter doesn’t have a Christmas Tree. She is living in her new home she has just had built. Last year she borrowed my tree for Christmas day.

I went to work the day after I bought my new Christmas Tree. When I got home Misty said “I have some good news and some bad news.” So I asked her what the news was. “I found the legs to the old Christmas tree.” and that was the bad news, because I had already bought a new one. The old tree was just out in my drive way so we  hadn’t thrown it away yet. “And the good news is that I gave Tamika the tree. And now she has a tree for Christmas too. And she won’t have to borrow ours this year for Christmas Day.” I didn’t mind. I was only going to throw it away. So Tamika gained a Christmas tree.

Later on that day Tamika sent me a photo of her tree. It looks beautiful.


And here is Tamika’s Christmas Tree. It makes me feel happy seeing pretty decorated Christmas Trees.




2 thoughts on “Christmas Tree, the Christmas Tree is …

    1. Hi Patricia. The tree was only going to be thrown out. Last year my daughter Tamika put Christmas lunch on at her place. With no tree, Misty and Tamika bundled up my tree and transported it to Tamika’s in a sheet, decorations and all. Now she has her own tree.

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