Trip to Melbourne


I write for another website called Weekend Notes. Just recently I arranged to meet another author from Weekend Notes in Melbourne for a catch up, to meet, to network.

I took  a train to Melbourne from Geelong. It’s only a 45 minute trip to Southern Cross Railway Station. I got off at Southern Cross and took a train to Flinders Street. Then it was a short walk to Flinders Lane to meet my friend at the City Library.

Of course I got lost and ended up heading up Flinders Street the wrong way. I eventually found my way back to Flinders Lane and found the City Library. I was to meet Liz at the Journal Cafe. I went to the wrong cafe but we were both in the same building so Liz came to find me.

After my rocky start, and not too stressed as I usually am when I get lost, we sat down and chatted over coffee and food. We chatted and networked and shared ideas for 2 hours. It was an amazing meeting and we both had so much to talk about (what women with a lot to say you ask?). It was good to share ideas and we both learned a lot from each other.

Flinders Street Station, Melbourne

I don’t often meet people from the internet, in fact I don’t do it at all. However I had been chatting to Liz and had seen photos of her and we met in a public place so I felt safe. She wasn’t an axe murderer and she wasn’t a man pretending to be a woman or anything strange like that. I don’t recommend meeting strangers who you have never met. If I’d felt uncomfortable or felt deceived in any way I would not have stayed and chatted to her for two hours.IMG_1120

So I learned a lot about her travels. She has just returned from Paris – where she lived for 6 months. I shared ideas with her on what I have learned from my time on Weekend Notes. All up it was a great day.

I caught the train home to Geelong. Now I am about to get ready and go out for tea. It is our work break up tonight. Off I go to pick up my friend Kath and take her with me to the hotel for tea. Cheers from Cassie

I will eventually complete my blogging 101 course. Slowly but surely.



3 thoughts on “Trip to Melbourne

    1. What award? Did I win an award? I didn’t even know about that. How are you Wandering Soul. Gosh I do enjoy being on Word Press and I lose so much time in here. I think I need a secretary to write to my friends and to do my replying for me.


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