Sunnyvale Take Two

I recently started to write a story about a little fairy called Petal. I have typed it twice and twice I have managed to delete the entire content. I don’t think Petal wants me to write about her.

Here goes – take two – lets see if she will let me type about her this time.

Petal is a small fairy who lives in the Australian bush. She is a bush fairy, she is very tiny, so tiny that the human eye cannot see her.IMG_0967

I’m not sure if the author or the lap top is tired.

Petal is friends with many of the bush babies. There is Tam the joey, whose parents are kangaroos. There is Mighty the koala baby. And her best friend is Trev the emu.

Petal and her friends have many adventures in the bush. They often spend hours out and about and sometimes forget to go home. Often at night you will hear their parents out looking for their babies, calling out, cooeeing to bring them home.IMG_2824

Yay so far so good. I have managed to type a few paragraphs without deleting them.

Petal, Tam, Mighty and Trev live in the bush at a lovely little glen called Sunnyvale. When you drive into Anakie, and pass through the other side of Anakie, you might see it on the side of the road and drive past without realising you have passed the most beautiful little place in the world.IMG_2837

Sunnyvale is found down a dirt track, off the main road. It is a small valley, with running water at the bottom of the valley. It is not much more than a creek, however it is enough for the bush babies to play in, wash in and to drink from.

When Petal gets up in the morning she heads out to find her friends and they head off for adventures in the bush. When Petal’s wings get tired she usually hops on to Tams head to ride with Tam for a while. Mighty sleeps during the day so she usually misses out on the adventures. grevillea superb

Trev and Tam love to race through the bush, and often scare up small flocks of birds. Petal often tells them not to scare the flocks as the birds startle easily. There are lots of birds in the bush, starlings, swallows, turtle doves, pigeons, blue wrens, magpies, sparrows and wattle birds. Petal worries that if the birds are startled too many times they will move away from their natural habitat.Grevillea-Canberra-Gem

Petal is a bit of a worrier but with good reason. Her parents charged her with taking care of the animals and birds at Sunnyvale and Petal takes her job seriously. Petal comes from a long line of fairies who look after the bush animals and birds.

Even though Petal lives in the bush, she has a garden full of roses growing close to her home. Roses are not natural to the bush, however Petal has always had roses and loves to plant more. She also plants natural plants such as grevillea and bottle brush.

Well Petal has allowed me to type her introduction. Petal is a story residing in my head. There will be many instalments of this story if Petal allows me to write it.

Petal has faced many challenges in her long life as a bush fairy. Her biggest challenge was the bush fire that burned around Sunnyvale.

The bush fire

It was a warm sultry day. The animals could find no relief from the heat. Most of the bush animals were down in the creek, sitting in the shallows, letting the cool water flow over their hot bodies.

Petal didn’t like to sit in the water as the current usually took her away. So she sat on the shore, dipping her dainty little toes into the water. Tam, Trev and Mighty were sitting in the shallows with their families.

Suddenly Peter the kookaburra flew into the shade of the creek. “Petal I smell fire.” said Peter, alarmed, anxious. Petal flew up to Peter. “Can you fly over the vale and see if you can see smoke or flames please?” Peter flew off and returned a few minutes later.

“It’s bad Petal.” he told her. There is a large fire, heading this way. It’s wide and hot and there is lots of smoke too.”

Petal jumped onto his wings and went flying with him to see what they were facing. The fire was burning out of control. The humans hadn’t come to fight the fire yet. Petal thought she could hear sirens but she was worried that the fire would burn through Sunnyvale before the humans arrived to put out the fire.IMG_2847

Petal and Peter flew down into the valley. They urged all the animals to start moving along the creek, in the opposite direction from the fires. The animals had all lived through bush fires so there was little panic amongst them. They just waded down the creek, away from the fire, in an orderly line. Petal guessed that they needed to walk for a few hours to escape the fires. She looked at the sun and decided to keep the animals on the move until the sun had moved over the top of the trees.

Peter took the lead and the animals followed him. Mothers carried babies, parents looked out for their little ones, and the march away from the fires went very well. There was a smell of smoke in the air, however the animals were moving away from the fires so they smoke didn’t bother them too much.

The animals walked for about three hours and found a valley to rest in before it got too dark. Peter and Petal flew over the bush to see how the fire was burning. It looked to be out, and Petal saw some humans using their big fire trucks to hose down the bush and to wet down the sparks that still flared occasionally.

Petal and Peter flew back to the animals. Everybody settled down for the night. No lives were lost and Petal was so pleased. She loves all her animals. She didn’t know what tomorrow held and she wasn’t sure of the damage to Sunnyvale, but at least everybody was alive and safe.  Petal found a small leaf to curl up in and went to sleep, content that her family of bush animals were all safe.


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