Day Two – Musings, About me

Okay so a little bit about me. I love to write, and I love to share my scant knowledge with the world. Are you ready World to read my musings? As well as sharing my travel stories, I also publish for other internet web sites. I live in Geelong, Victoria Australia. On my other web sites I do a lot of promotional pages for events coming up in Geelong, and for restaurants, tourist attractions, hotels, and other fun things to do in Geelong.IMG_2736

While I don’t earn a lot of money on my other web sites, I do enjoy the exploring, learning about the history of Geelong, finding out facts about a building that I never knew, you know that “ah” moment, when you go “ah” so that’s why the Geelong Council building is so narrow, or “ah” so that’s where the naval college was in Geelong, etc.

Hmmm do I make sense I wonder. I read somewhere here, on Word Press, that if you have a thought you want to jot down, then just press the Pencil icon above and write away. Will I publish this little piece of musing out loud? Maybe. Will anybody read it? I hope so.IMG_2616

A little bit about me! I live in Geelong. I am mum to four adult children, and nanny to two little girls, Cianna is 10 and Jazmin is almost 2. I work in Aged Care as a personal care worker. My Aged Care job is full time. In my spare time, I research on the internet and write about some of the items that I have researched. I will continue my ramblings later. I have to hang out washing, clean the house, and lots of other fun stuff. Chat later.

As I learnt to negotiate my way around word press I found this page that I had started but not yet published. So I will post it to the web so you can all learn a little bit more about me.IMG_2785



3 thoughts on “Day Two – Musings, About me

    1. My life is very busy Tina, but no so busy that I cannot spare some time to write. Since doing the blogging 101 course I have been writing a lot more than I usually do. It’s been good for me = kind of like therapy.
      Oh and Aged Care or Elder Care – I do love it and get so much out of it. It is a hard job and hard to say goodbye to people sometimes.

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