Day 3 Blogging 101, meet the neighbours

Today’s assignment was to follow five new tags in the Reader and follow or read five new blogs. So with that in mind, I will do just that. I have only been working on my assignments in Blogging 101 for 2 days so far and I have already met some wonderful people.IMG_0953

I feel that I have already engaged with my community and I am starting to negotiate my way around Word Press, learning how to get back to my page, yes folks I do get lost in the World Wide Web sometimes.

So what tags will I follow? Travel because that is one of my favourite pasttimes, hobbies, fun things to do. Oh and I’m glad that my post draft is saved as I can come back to it, and write my thoughts down.IMG_0967

Well I just learnt how to create categories and tags and I have added a few of both to this article. Yay I didn’t know if I could do it, and now I have. Word press is a wonderful blogging site and there is so much content to it, and helpful tutorials. I do digress don’t I? I haven’t even followed any tags yet. Still not sure how to do that.

My first Tag was Travel. The first site that I viewed was a travel post written by Trish and Caleb. They wrote and shared photos of their trip to Vienna. The photos of the museums were just amazing. Their post is here if you want to go and look at some beautiful photography. Here is my comment to Trish and Caleb.

“Hello Trish and Caleb. Oh wow what a great holiday you’ve had and I am envious. I want to travel all over the world eventually. I do enjoy going to a museum. You really do need to spend more than a few hours at some museums to find out what’s there, to see all the rooms of exhibits, to take it all in. Thank you for sharing your lovely holiday and the photos are wonderful too. From Cassie”IMG_1223

Next tag – photography. This took me to Nathan Guitars site. He takes photographs of birds and bugs and writes poetry to suit his photographs. His raptor photos are lovely. His site is here You can pop over too and be amazed by his photographs.

Third tag was traveling. I went to see Danielle’s page of photographs from her trip up Mt Haleakela in Hawaaii. Danielle described driving up the mountain, a three hour drive, and how worthwhile it was to get to the top of the mountain, to watch the sun rise. Really beautiful photos too.

IMG_1120Here’s a link to her web site

I’m tired from all this travelling. I’ve been to Vienna and Hawaaii today already. Now  I just want to lay down and have a sleep. Two tags to go. What should I type in tags now? Books, writing, reading, sleeping, snoring, oops almost snoozed there.

Next I visited Alixx Black. She wrote an item called Look, Watch, Gaze. You can read it here

It was a great poem about wondering what other people are thinking. I am sure you will enjoy it. I certainly did.

Tag five – phew finally. This is taking a while. Well it is later on today. I started writing this blog over 9 hours ago. Since then I have been to visit my daughter at her new home. We had lunch there and watched a police raid happening across the road from her home. Then I went to visit my sister in Batesford. We had a cuppa and a chat. I had a lovely visit with her. Then I went to visit my mum and dad. I had a few beers and a chat. It was a really lovely day of visiting family. I am blessed to have family living so close to me.

So Tag five. powertigerVFX has a word press site with some amazing photography. You can click here to see his photos – My final tag was clouds and he has added some great photos of clouds to his site. He says “A topnotch nature photoshooting site, welcome and enjoy :D”. I have taken some cloud photos and will add some here soon. I don’t have many photos in my gallery yet. It is all a work in progress. Patience Glenn Roy.

So I have finally finished task three – meet the neighbours. I have travelled around the world, met some lovely neighbours and worn my little fingers out, typing messages to everybody. I am really enjoying getting to meet people and getting to know the word press site better. I have created some tags and I will probably add more. I also need to add some more photos and I would like to just write and share some thoughts with my friends.

So off I toddle to post this site and to let everybody know that I have completed task three of Blogging 101.


7 thoughts on “Day 3 Blogging 101, meet the neighbours

  1. Hi again Cassie! I noticed that some of your the links you published weren’t linked properly to their webpages. Maybe you can check them out? But other than that great post! I love looking at photos of beautiful scenes outside my country and I hope one day I can go and visit them.


      1. For the links, when writing a new blogpost, there is this button (I don’t know if you call it that) on the tool bar which looks like a piece of a chain or a paperclip which when you put your cursor above it says ‘insert/edit link’. Click that and just follow the instructions. Type the link on the first bar you wish to put and then on the second bar type the words you wish to appear on your blog pertaining to the link. It doesn’t have to be the link itself. For example, you can link say a YouTube video but the words that will apprear will be ‘Watch here’.
        For your ‘About Me’ page, you could go to ‘My Sites’ and then click ‘Pages’ below. There you can edit your about me page. Or, you can click ‘View Site’ which will redirect you to your blog. Then click “ABOUT” beside ‘HOME” and then you will see on the lower right corner of your screen a small rectangle which says Customize and Edit, click edit and type away.
        Whew! that was long! I hope this is helpful. I’m terrible at describing techy things! Good luck!


  2. I just checked my notebook and saw that the About Me page stuff is on the Day 6 I think of the Blogging101 when I did it. I’m not sure if things changed but if it didn’t, you could maybe choose to wait for that. Cheers!


    1. Hi Meyan I can probably jump to day six as I am far behind in the course and I reckon I could skip a few days and come back to them. Thanks also for the help on adding links. I will have to try creating a ling to my blog posts and I will let you know how I went. Thank you again.

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