Day One Blogging 101

Day One – Who am I? Why am I here?

I love writing and I would love to make money from this skill or hobby or art form that takes up a lot of my time. Writing keeps me awake at night. No it’s not because I am up all night writing. It’s because I have so many thoughts going through my head, plots, questions, characters. I sometimes think if I wake up properly and sit and write a bit that I might be able to sleep better. Maybe I should try that.

So I am an insomniac. I don’t sleep much. I need to sleep more however there is a lot of things going on in my life and I am not happy. I am angry much of the time and I need to deal with things so that I am not so angry.
I originally started to write for a web site and I have written a few articles there, which are making a bit of money for me.

What am I about? Well I do like to travel and I have started to write about my adventures. I would like to travel more and write about my future adventures. I would also like to write a travelogue that gets widely read and acknowledged and that has a large audience.

Why should people read my blog? Hopefully my blog is interesting enough that people want to read it and want to come back and find out what new and interesting things I have written about.

Why am I blogging publicly? So that I can share my travel adventures with people and hopefully get a large enough audience to read about my travels, so that I can earn a little bit of money from my writing. My main topic would be about my travels. I want to connect with other people who like to travel or who want to travel but have not had the courage to try it.

If I was to blog successfully I would hope that within a year I have over 50 readers or followers and that I am earning some money from my blogging. Oh and I would like to be able to save enough money to go and do more travelling so that I have more material to write about.


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