Have Camera Will Travel, Have Coffee Will Stay Awake


I have been on blog web sites and I have been trying to make a little bit of money. It would be nice to be paid a small income for my writing. I read about how other people manage to make a bit of money from writing about their interests on the internet.

I have recently become even more interested about writing, and about making an income, as I have been home from work for four weeks due to an injury that happened at work.

As I browse the internet I find so much interesting information to read about. I get distracted so easily. There is a lot of useful, interesting information. There can also be frustration, as I get so involved in a topic, and then I do search after search to find more information, which invariably leads me to Wikipadia, a very useful web site. Even Wikipadia cannot always scratch the itch for me sometimes.

Being a history buff, sometimes I read about an interesting topic, and I want to know more, a bit like Oliver, of Charles Dickens fame, “please sir I want more”.  I recently reviewed a hotel in outback Queensland. I could find current information, and history of the hotel back to 1986, but then there was nothing else in the past on the internet. Looks like I will have to take a road trip to outback Queensland to finish my research of this fascinating pub.

But I digress. The title is “Have Camera Will Travel”. I have recently been on a massive road trip, with my sister, my phone camera, my dad’s ute and a trailer. We traveled from Geelong Victoria to Lismore NSW, and back in 7 days. Stay posted for that blog. Talk about an amazing and entertaining trip.

I write for a website called Weekend Notes. I usually head out and take photos of my next topic, then head home, upload my photos to my laptop, write the article and add some photos. Sometimes I do it in reverse. I write the article, then I go take photos, then I upload them, and publish the article. Either way, I usually end up with what I feel is a great article. I am slowly starting to attract a small following.  I want more! I want more people to read my articles and like me and write comments.

How do you make people do this? I’m not sure what the answer is yet. When I find out the answers to the questions I have:

How do you get people to read your article?

How do you earn an income writing web pages?

How do you attract attention, get people to come back, get more new readers?

I will post the answers in my upcoming blogs.

This is my first blog for my new WordPress blogger page. Y’all come back now y’here!

This is Cassie, signing off for now.


8 thoughts on “Have Camera Will Travel, Have Coffee Will Stay Awake

    1. Hello Glenn Roy Browne. I am following you, one because I like your name, very Scottish, kind of highway man ish. Also I do like your hat. Now I better go and read some of your work. Hope you enjoy my writing.


  1. A nice fun post :). I often have the same questions. I’d like to read about your travels and go through your photos – won’t you please consider putting them up here? The story about the fascinating pub in Queensland would be a nice read…


    1. Hello Geek Couple I like your posts and blogs and I will endeavour to read some more, when I get time, from working, to blogging, to writing my web pages that actually earn me money to trying to complete Blogging 101. I don’t have time to sleep sometimes. If you are interested in making some money, I write for a web site called Weekend Notes, and I have made a bit of money over there. Here is a link to one of my pages. http://www.weekendnotes.com/great-western-hotel-newtown-geelong/ Anybody can write for Weekend Notes, and it does earn money, slowly, incrementally, eventually.
      I have finally started to earn a bit more money than usual because I dedicated myself to producing a bit of content over there. Now I am earning a little bit of money, slowly, and surely, and each day I check my statistics and I can see progress in my income, my followers and also I think, my own growth as a writer (hope that is not bragging).

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